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Functional or In-Circuit Test setup.

ME mechanical stand-alone fixture


For functional tests, final tests, smaller ICT tasks up to approx. 300 probes

me2The ME series is the consequent enhancement of our bestseller series MA1x.

Improved design, higher mechanical rigidity and a new selection of even more high-quality materials make our popular fixture series fit even for high volume production lines. New me2bearings provide a smooth-running closing of the lid and allow higher probe forces.

Similar to the previous version, the mechanical system is actuated by hand with the closing of the lid. The linear travel after closing of the lid allows very precise and wear-free contact movement.

The ME series allows contacting of up to 300 probes (at 2N each) without any effort. The rigidity of the mechanical systems would actually allow higher forces; however the operator has to apply more strength then, too.

Two-side contacting (top/bottom) is easy to achieve due to the long linear travel (17 mm). Mechanical or pneumatic side access units are easy to integrate. The ME series is very often used as a basis for complex contacting in various levels and for component tests in the housing.

Order the ME series in any stage of customisation as raw self-drilling kit, just drilled, probes mounted only or ready-wired as ready to go fixture.  3 different standard sizes are available:  ME1A (230 x 275mm), ME1B (310 x 275mm) and ME1C (310 x 445mm).

Other available solutions from ATX.


Ideal solution for programming or testing small PCBs.


Available as stand alone or with and interface for any In-Circuit tester.

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Mechanical and Pneumatic
cassette systems
Vacuum fixtures. Fine pitch vacuum  fixtures
  ME1x fixtures in use.  

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