Visit our homepage.Build your own test system with the 6TL YAV Instruments and modules.

With the 6TL modules you can quick and easy build your own functional test system. You just order the modules you need, mount them in or onto your rack, connect them with each other by CAN Bus link, load the instrument drivers into your LabView or TestStand software and you are ready to start programming.
It is as simple as playing with LEGO.

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This approach shortens the time to develop and build a test system from months to weeks. You can build your own small bench top test system with just little I/O or if you need more intelligence create your stand alone or even a fully modular In-Line test system. Due to its flexibility all modules are compatible and reusable in future test solutions. If you want to upgrade from bench top to rack based you insert the bench top tester into the 19" rack and build in or add whatever you need to test your UUT's (Unit Under Test).  The systems open architecture allows all available PXI,VXI,LXI,PCI, and other rack & Stack instrumentation to be integrated in the base test system. Bench top, rack mount to even multiple in-line stations all with the same base modules.


Modular solution from small bench top to fully in-line, using the same hardware.


Start with a universal Mass Interconnect Interface.  (VPC the Best there is)

The Virginia Panel G12 Mass Interconnect system is available in rack-mounted and tabletop configurations, the G12 features an aluminum platform to accommodate various testing requirements. With 12 module positions for a variety of contacts in multiple configurations, the G12 offers I/O options to meet virtually any connectivity requirement.                      More >>>>  on Mass Interconnect systems.

Basic Instrumentation to fulfil all basic functional testing needs.  (YAV Instruments)

The switching, stimulous, acquisition & analysis boards of the YAV family, fit perfectly the Virginia Panel high reliability interconnection modules for ATE systems.
A wide range of complex ATE systems can be easily configured using the YAV boards as the basis. All basic needs in a common functional test system are covered by the YAV range of instruments like; switching, voltmeter, Digital Inputs & Outputs, Analogue Inputs & Outputs, Power meter.
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Add any additional modules you need for your application.

For all that is not covered by our YAV range you can add any instrumentation from any third party vendor to complement the Test system. The Mass Interconnect Interface is capable to interface with any instrument available on the market. Even complete cable solutions between PXI, VXI and or LXI instruments are available as standard from Virginia panel corporation.

Additional MMI (Man Machine Interface), Controller, Power supply, Pusher systems, test racks etc. are offered by Eurolectron BV. Also for any additional dedicated mechanical test fixture or interface to the UUT (Unit Under Test) we have a solution that fits your needs.  Contact us for more information >>>>>

Write your own application or Add Additional Phi6 Software.

The software platform phi6 reduces drastically the generation time of electronic, functional and vision test programs (sequences). Phi6 is based on National instruments LabView and is easy to configure and maintain.
Phi6 includes drivers for all the YAV boards, for stimulus and measure instruments and a set of protocols to communicate with different interfaces.
Each test routine can be set either between a pass/fail limit or as a deterministic action. Skip option is available to debug the sequences.
Automatic input of the DUT (Device Under Test) identification code and test data report are included in the software. Statistical modules are also available. By activating the “Dual” option, two fixtures are controlled alternately to optimize time when a DUT requires for instance software downloading. If the PC is connected into Internet, phi6 can be updated and maintained remotely.

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Bench Top systems. 
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Stand alone systems.

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In-Line systems.
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