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Digitaltest provides a complete range of test systems to manufacturers of electronic printed circuit boards. Digitaltest has also developed a complete range of software products for production automation and quality management systems. It also has the right solution for any test problem. Working closely with our global customers we have developed customized solutions to meet their testing requirements.
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The Company

Digitaltest develops automated test equipment (ATE)
Automated/ Automatic Test Equipment and offers a complete range of automated test systems for electronic printed circuit board (PCB) Printed Circuit Board  manufacturers and software products for production automation and software quality management systems.

Digitaltest is assisting the electronic manufacturing industry to produce well-operating electronic devices that are safe. With the increase in product miniaturization in all technology fields, in addition to the density of the components on the boards and the trend of high volume manufacturing the only way to assure correct functioning is through electronic testing.

Our test systems and software automation tools are used worldwide in all kinds of high technology fields of electronic manufacturing such as aerospace, avionics, telecommunications, automotive, medical, industrial electronics and consumer electronics.


Flying Prober


The second generation Condor Flying Prober is now 30% faster.

The faster probing speed results in improved testing throughput without compromising probing accuracy and repeatability, or the high levels of test coverage made possible by targeting access points down to 75Ķm.

The prober's motion time is further reduced by employing the Condorís ability to optimize Z-plane motion as well as X-Y movement. This automatic process calculates the highest component level along the path of motion and raises the probes to just above this level rather than to a generic PCB area fly height.

To limit test program development time, the Condor II features advanced software support that reduces test program generation and commissioning time. The software utilizes the latest C-LINK DTM Design to Manufacturing software, an integrated software platform that combines CAD translation, component database management, and program generation.

Additional system software tools include interactive schematics for debug, and on-line modification tools that allow implementing tests for PCB hardware modifications.

The MTS500 CONDOR features four identical flying test probes and over 1000 fixed pins. With a SMEMA-compatible conveyor and the ability to test boards up to 16x24", the system is ideal for a variety of production environments



Services Provided by Digitaltest.

Applications Get the right application for your testing needs
Wireless Fixtures Ideal solutions for wiring problems
Smart Fixtures Automatic program loading through fixture ID
Migration The migration from different test systems
Customized Solutions Providing Turn-key Test Solutions
Contract Board Testing Board Testing on a contract basis.
Digitizer Service Reverse Engineering tool for boards with no available data files.

Software products.

Digitaltest has also developed a complete range of software products for production automation and quality management systems. From CAD to production, Test and repair.

C-LINK DTM Design To Manufacturing Software
CITE Computer Integrated Test Environment Software
QMan Quality Management Software

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In/Circuit testfixture Solutions.

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