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ECT's high frequency probes feature low impedance (typically 50 ohms) and a wide band width (up to 3 Ghz) for cellular phone applications, network analyzers and time domain reflectometers.

ECT offers high current probes for powered functional testing of connectors, wire harnesses, modules and other devices drawing up to 45A. Our high current probes features low resistance plungers and high-current-capacity tips.

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High Frequency Test Probes.

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Board Marker Probes.

  Switch Probes.

High Current Probes.

Everett Charles Technologies' versatile line of battery interconnect probes gives you design flexibility to match your performance, cost, and assembly requirements. Our design expertise and complete manufacturing capabilities will help you bring your product to market faster and easier.Click to vieuw more details.

Battery Probes.

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