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Most tip styles can be used for a variety of different applications. Use the following chart to select appropriate tips for the feature type (pad, via, etc.) you are testing. Several tip styles will probably work for a given application, so experiment with several until you find one that provides the best performance. For testing loaded boards, tip selection factors to consider are lead length (bent or straight), surface cleanliness and pad size. In general, tips with sharp points and internal cutting edges which trap leads (such as the Trident or crown tip) are excellent choices for most loaded board requirements. In bare board applications, tips with sharp external cutting edges (such as fluted and pyramid tips) are usually best for penetrating through contamination, but these may leave marks on the contact surface. For applications where marking is undesirable, bullet nose or conical tips may be used on clean boards.

Through Holes components with long leads, short leads, connectors, IC sockets etc.

Test Pads, solder pads, flat pads

Plated Via Holes: Hole diameter to be 75% or lesser than probe tip diameter

Non plated Via Holes, probing on connectors
and beads (pad on a track Agilent)

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