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MG-02 mechanical stand-alone fixture


A linear cassette adapter from MG Products is combining the advantages of a linear movement with easy, fast and low-cost changeover from one product to another.
Housing available as “stand alone” solution or including a VPC Mass Interconnect ITA (S6, G12 or G12X)

The MG02 is a flexible linear cassette adapter, with a solid hinged top plate on an ergonomically shaped rugged housing.

The reliability and accuracy of the contact between the test pad and the test probe in a test fixture is mainly determined by the mechanical construction used to bring the two together. In the MG02 Test adapter the linear push down construction is therefore designed using solid aluminum parts.
By means of ball bearings and a specially designed sliding bus we constructed a linear system with an accurate linear movement of 15mm. This allows PCB’s to be contacted from the top and bottom simultaneously. The wide base housing provides enough space for easy access to the wiring, additional electronics or mechanics. The back side and bottom side of the housing can be adapted to different test system interfaces, custom configurable cable or connector interfaces, professional Mass Interconnect interfaces from VPC (S6, G12 and G12X) as well as solutions for most In-Circuit Test systems. The ESD safe cassette is easy removable and has a large usable working surface, up to 300x250mm.

 -   Solid construction for the entire kit
 -   Modular approach

 -   Download the brochure in Dutch or English.Many tester interface options available
 -   Cassette System with optional probe interface
 -   Linear push down unit with 15mm linear stroke
 -   Ergonomic design
 -   One hand operation, “close and test”
 -   Useable test probe: 300x250mm
 -   Overall dimensions: 470x490mm
 -   Maximum number of test probes: 2000N

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Romex BV is also your partner for complete flexible functional test platforms, table Top, Rack Mount or IN-Line solutions. We supply a complete range of modules and tools that enables you to build a Base test platform in max 4 weeks.                MORE INFO >>>>>

Who is MG Products.


MG Products is young company specialized in mechanical testfixture solutions.

It's management though has a long history and experience in mechanical test fixturing, test fixture design and test fixture customizing. Working in close contact with its customers MG Products always find the right solution for your test fixture challenge.

MG-Products manufactures a range of mechanical testfixture kits from simple hinged versions to full linear cassette systems that can be delivered as a stand alone kit for self customizing or customized by MG products to your requirements. Flexibility is one of key advantages of MG Products.

All MG Products kits can equipped with a mass interconnect interface from TTI Testron (Pylon) or Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) typically used in high end functional test systems.
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Also for most In-Circuit test platforms MG-products can supply both mechanically operated or vacuum operated testfixture solutions. Supported IC-test systems are;
- Agilent
- Aeroflex (IFR) (Marconi)
- Teradyne (Genrad)
- Digital test - More info>>>

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Compatible with VPC G12 & S6.

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