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Sample functional table top tester using YAV Boards and a VPC G12 Interface, Vacuum operated.
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YAV Instrumentation.

The switching, stimulus, acquisition & analysis boards of the YAV family, fit perfectly the Virginia Panel high reliability interconnection modules for ATE systems.
A wide range of complex ATE systems can be easily configured if YAV boards are used.
Among the YAV Range off boards, we find boards for switching, voltmeter, DI, DO, AI, AO, PWM, etc. basically all common functionalities needed in a Test System are covered.

All YAV boards can be connected to a PC via a simple two wire CAN-Bus interface, optional USB interface is available. The YAV boards include labview drivers and virtual instruments to control each board directly through a PC. Optional software is available to quickly develop your own test program.


Sample Desktop functional test system using only YAV technology and a VPC G12 Interface.