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Sample functional table top tester using YAV Boards and a VPC G12 Interface, Vacuum operated.
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6TL-22 Off-Line Platform

6tl-22 Platform is a perfect basis for automatic integrated Test Systems with low to medium manufacturing volumes. Important technical and economical advantages due to its modular structure and expansion capability are evident.
The System Control and Automation is based on CAN bus. One single four-wire cable provides power to and controls all the devices. The system is simple, ease to maintain and cost effective.

It includes an industrial PC Controller
and UPS that controls all steps for automatic error free power-up and down of the Test System. To start working with the Test System during production it is not needed to have any know-how of the Windows operating system or any additional test system knowledge. Switching ON the power, the System is automatically initialized and starts the Test Software. Then the attached test fixture is identified and automatically selects the adequate executive software that matches it. The Controller has 6 free slots to install additional PCI cards.

Different test fixtures can be used to test PCBs or assembled products. For testing PCBs, there is a choice of standard fixture platforms including their own linear pushing system, or alternatively a low cost fixture solution using the automatic precision servo pusher module with three pre-set position levels for HiPot test, Functional Test and ICT test using different lengths of test probes.
Test Instruments may be selected in PCI format (6 free PCI slots available in the PC Controller), PXI format after installing a 5 to 18 slots PXI chassis, or any other LXI, VXI or Rack&Stack type of instrumentation.

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