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Digitaltest provides a complete range of test systems to manufacturers of electronic printed circuit boards. Digitaltest has also developed a complete range of software products for production automation and quality management systems. It also has the right solution for any test problem. Working closely with our global customers we have developed customized solutions to meet their testing requirements.


Digitaltest develops automated test equipment (ATE) Automated/ Automatic Test Equipment and offers a complete range of automated test systems for electronic printed circuit board (PCB) Printed Circuit Board  manufacturers and software products for production automation and software quality management systems.

Digitaltest is assisting the electronic manufacturing industry to produce well-operating electronic devices that are safe. With the increase in product miniaturization in all technology fields, in addition to the density of the components on the boards and the trend of high volume manufacturing the only way to assure correct functioning is through electronic testing.

Our test systems and software automation tools are used worldwide in all kinds of high technology fields of electronic manufacturing such as aerospace, avionics, telecommunications, automotive, medical, industrial electronics and consumer electronics.

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