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i2 Micro iCon


i2 Micro iCon, VPC's new small connector for low I/O meets the need for a slim-line signal connector. i2 joins i1 and iCon as the newest member of the iCon family, incorporating the high quality design features that make the iCon family so popular. Designed for the small connector market, i2 offers 168 signal points in a sleek 0.8” footprint with capabilities for discrete-wiring, horizontal and right-angle PCB mounting.

With VPC’s new 84 pin header, i2 can directly connect to the PXI card. The header contains solderless compliant (eye of the needle) pins, for ease of use and implementation. Using QuadraPaddle signal contact technology, standard and twin female contacts provide consistent and even connections. i2 offers PCB connection options including: i2 direct to PCB, i2 to flexprint, i2 to PCB adapter card, and i2 discrete-wired



·         168 signal points available through QuadraPaddle Technology

·         30° cable exit for vertical stackability

·         0.8" profile for horizontal stackability

·         Integrated spring locking tabs ensure even and secure engagement

·         Keying pins to prevent misalignment and damage to pins

·         PCB compatible.

i2 as a primary interconnect 

i2 as primary connector


i2 direct Mount to PCB

I2 direct to PCB



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