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Customized fixture options.

We offer most of the common and complex options to ensure a complete and accurate test of your PCBA.
These are a few of the many options and accessories available from ECT

Options and Accessories.

LED Check II is true color detection device for 2 LEDs with upgraded software/hardware and a reduced size. Led Check is available for two and eight leds.
Both incorporate a universal optical fiber attachment allowing use of 1, 1.5 & 2mm jacketed 2 & 3mm unjacketed fibers. They feature fast fixed measurement times < 5mS, and report wavelength and relative intensity as two analogue values.

NEW! EC-1 Wire-wrap
ECT now offers a 1mm (.039") test center fixture technology using conventional wiring methods.
This technology uses ECT 50ml (1,27mm) probes placed on 39ml (0,99mm) centers and provides complete access inside the fixture for debug and ECOs

ECT Dual Stage

ECT has two superior dual stage solutions. Both are designed for in-circuit test of the PCBA and then releasing vacuum to test in functional mode. The ECT fixture design uses solenoids and the APG fixture design is mechanical. Both are excellent choices for secondary flash programming, switching power supplies, and/or boundary scan testing.

APG Dual stage

The ASAU is a ramp-actuated mechanism which automatically moves a spring contact probe platen horizontally to contact pins of a DUT mounted on the surface of a PCB.

This unit is ideal for contacting inside or onto connectors that are mounted on the side of the PBCA.

Available only in Europe: Adjustable Hold-Down Gates with adjustable fingers for uniform distribution of pressure on the UUT surface. The gates can also be customized with lexan push plates. Download PDF

The GP-2J spring loaded Guide Pin is used in combination with the POGO-25, POGO-1 and POGO-75 series testprobes. In can be used in in-line and mechanical test fixture solutions as well as in small own designed test fixtures.

To view the technical specifications of the GP-2J probe download the PDF>>>>>

PURE ZOOM™ Fixture - PURE ZOOM patented test fixtures combine the current demands of the market into one exceptional product line. Cost (as much as 60 percent cheaper than conventional fixtures), lead time (delivery is twice as fast as conventional fixtures) and access (can test down to 20 mil [0.5 mm] centers and 15 mil [0,38mm] diameter targets) demands are met or even exceeded. With the introduction of ECT PURE ZOOM fixtures, customers will no longer have lack of test coverage and long test times using a flying prober, and the high cost of conventional fixtures for lower volume production. Now, customers can get the quality and throughput of ICT at the price that competes with the flying probe.
Zoom fixtures are available as insert for test fixtures on Multiplexed test systems. Most benefits in price and delivery can be gained with non multiplexed test systems like the digitaltest MTS series of testers.
Everett Charles Technologies-Contact Products Group has been a leader in the development of advanced test products since 1965. Our line of products includes signature PogoPlus® Contacts, loaded and bare board probes, battery interconnects, and semiconductor test products. ECT continues to expand the limits of test technology with innovative probe designs that deliver higher quality, longer life, and better performance.

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The Right
Fixture Solution

ECT can Provide the right fixture solution based on the complexity of your PCBA, production volume, and custom requirements with vacuum, mechanical, or pneumatic applications.

Highly Complex Technology
2500+ test points Dual access High Volume

Low to Medium Technology
Under 2500 test points Low to Medium Volumes

Customized Fixture Options

Functional Fixture solutions


ATX Fixture solutions.


Robust functional cassette system for test fixture solutions up to 600 pogo test probes.