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Introduction, what is Mass Interconnect.

Virginia Panel Corporation designs, manufactures and markets Interface Connector products for commercial, military, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, automotive, and consumer electronic applications. Virginia Panel Corporation is equipped with the latest technology for manufacturing interface systems. Successful affiliations with major government defence contractors attest to VPC’s ability to perform well under strictly regulated guidelines. Our personnel are highly trained and motivated with one goal in mind—to provide the customer with the most advanced, high quality connector interface available in the market.

Mass InterConnect systems act as the connector interface between test instruments and devices/units under test (D/UUT) in test applications. Used in defense, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and other applications, Mass InterConnect systems are available in multiple sizes and configurations to accommodate virtually any testing requirement. VPC Mass InterConnect systems are flexible, reconfigurable, and modular by design. All standard products are tested to last over 20,000 mating cycles.
Available product lines are listed below.
NEW !!!  VPC 2 Micro Icon its Small, versatile and real Mass Interconnect.
Test systems with VPC Mass Interconnect solutions.
VDATS DA-2 Tester
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Available Solutions.

i2 Micro iCon, a small connector for low I/O meets the need for a slim-line signal connector. It has all the high quality design features that make the iCon family so popular. I2 offers 168 signal points in a sleek 0.8” footprint with capabilities for discrete-wiring, horizontal and right-angle PCB mounting.

iCon is a fail-safe rack and panel connector specifically designed for the Test & Measurement industry. iCon is ideal for secondary connector applications as well as standard applications, and is designed to be PCB compatible. Its small width and inboard handle increases side-to-side stackability, saving valuable rack space.

The G2 offers the reliability of VPC InterConnect technology in a compact high-density, two-module package. Simultaneously engaging a wide range of InterConnect options in multiple configurations, the G2 provides quick, accurate connection in a rugged, reliable system. On a small, high-density footprint, the adaptable G6 integrates a wide variety of I/O options in various module configurations. The G10 provides reliability while integrating a wide variety of I/O options in various module configurations.

The G18 is the ideal InterConnect solution for 18 slot PXI chassis’. This high density InterConnect can simultaneously engage up to 4,320 signal contacts. The adaptable G18 integrates a wide variety of I/O options in various module configurations. The contacts are incorporated into cable assemblies for specific instruments.

The S6 Skeeter provides robust, reliable and repeatable testing capabilities for small and intermediate size test applications. The S6’s low profile solution (1U) offers a wide range of I/O options and can accept a variety of PCB solutions.

 Available in rack-mounted and tabletop configurations, the G12 features an aluminum platform to accommodate various testing requirements. With 12 module positions for a variety of contacts in multiple configurations, the G12 offers I/O options to meet virtually any connectivity requirement. VPC’s G12x offers all the benefits of our popular G12 in an 18 module interface for backwards compatibility and expansion. The 9025TR is for medium I/O applications that need extra platform support for heavy UUT fixtures.

The rack mountable 9050 Receiver is designed to accept the 9025 and 9050 ITAs and is essential to support advanced Mass InterConnect requirements. The VXI Receiver is designed for use with our Pre-Wired InterConnect Adapters on the top tier and discrete wiring modules on the bottom tier. The 9075 Receiver accepts both 9025 and 9050 ITA's for various I/O requirements and flexibility. Mountable to any 19” rack system with a Plug and Play Plate or a flange kit, the receivers can hinge down for easy access to instrumentation.


VPC Rack Mountable Receivers meet the exacting standards essential to supporting advanced Mass InterConnect requirements. The VXI Receiver is designed for use with our Pre-Wired InterConnect Adapters. The connector “funnel” is easily inserted or removed from the VXI mainframe for maximum flexibility in testing applications. The InterConnect Adapter allows space for driver sensors or personality electronics.

PULL-Thru solutions are ideal in case you only work with a PXI or Rohde & Schwartz test solution. In these solutions called G14, G20, G20X and G40X the instrument is directly connected through either a PCB or cable inside a funnel creating a Pull-Thru Adapter mounted directly against the PXI Instrument. Removing the instrument or reconfiguring your system can now be done directly through the receiver.